Te Pou
Matua Raki

Maori concepts of health promotion: Traditional and cultural approaches to health and well-being

When: 28 February 2013 9:30 am—3:30 pm
Where:Tokoroa (venue tbc)

Tags: Training

The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to shared understandings of traditional Maori concepts, ideologies and practices in relation to health and well-being. The workshop will also consider how these ideas may be used to inform contemporary approaches to Maori health promotion planning, implementation and evaluation.

With the recent developments to Whanau Ora, this programme will provide a basis for discussing what constitutes a well Maori community, and whether traditional knowledge has the potential to elevate Maori health status and improve Maori health outcomes.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will:

  • gain an introductory insight into traditional pre-colonial Maori concepts of health and well-being and how these were incorporated into everyday life
  • have a practical guide to developing and improving Maori health promotion practice - gain knowledge that will enhance the effectiveness of health promoters and public health practitioners who wish to contribute to Maori health outcomes.

For more information and to register, visit the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand website. If you have any questions about registration, contact Emma Frost at emma@hauora.co.nz or phone (09) 531 5504.

This workshop is organised by the Health Promotion Forum as part of a contract with the Ministry of Health to provide seminars, workshops and other services on health promotion.