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Let's get real Overview

Author: Te Pou
Publication date: 1 September 2009

An overview of the Let's get real framework and the Let's get real enablers (tools and learning modules) which are designed to assist to apply Let's get real in practice.

Let's get real is a framework that describes the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver effective mental health and addiction services. Addiction services include alcohol and other drugs, and problem gambling. Let's get real sets out the expectations for people working in services, irrespective of their role, discipline, the type of organisation they work for, or population group that their service works with. Let's get real aims to create a shared language and common understandings for providing effective services for service users.

Let's get real supports us all to achieve the workforce and culture for recovery challenge of Te Tāhuhu: Improving Mental Health 2005–2015: The second New Zealand mental health and addiction plan (Minister of Health, 2005), building a workforce that is recovery focused, person centred, culturally capable and has an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of services. Let's get real is also a key action from Tauawhitia te Wero – Embracing the Challenge: National mental health and addiction workforce development plan 2006–2009 (Ministry of Health, 2005).

Let's get real aims to achieve the following.

  • Strengthen shared understandings – everyone, including service users, families and whānau, support workers, professionals, managers, planners and funders, people working in district health boards and people working in non-government organisations, will understand the shared work that each person is engaged in.
  • Affirm best practice – appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes will be better recognised and valued by services, through human resource, performance management and professional development processes.
  • Complement the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 – the Let's get real framework brings together the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required of all professions working in mental health and addiction services, and complements the different competency frameworks developed by each of the registered professions whose members work in these services.
  • Improve transferability – other services around New Zealand will be able to recognise and value workers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Enhance effective workforce development – all mental health and addiction workforce development activities, including education and training, human resource strategies, organisational development, and research and evaluation, will link back to the Let’s get real framework.
  • Increase accountability – by documenting the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed, people working in services can be measured against them and be more accountable to service users.

Tags: Mental health, Addiction, Asian, refugee and migrant, Child and youth, Maori, Older adult, Pacific, Peer support / service user, Health promotion, Improving services, Outcomes information, Research and evaluation, Workforce development, Training

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