Te Pou
Matua Raki

Sensory modulation in acute mental health wards: A qualitative study of staff and service user perspectives

Author: Te Pou
Publication date: 21 December 2011

This report is a collaboration between AUT and Te Pou. It describes the results from a qualitative study that examines the use of sensory modulation in four acute inpatient units.

The findings suggest that sensory modulation is viewed by both staff and service users as being effective in  reducing distress and promoting calm. They also highlight important considerations in implementing the sensory modulation approach; including the set-up of the room and use of specific equipment, how staff members can best support service users to access and benefit from sensory modulation and what organisations need to consider when developing and maintaining a sensory approach within an inpatient service.

Tags: Mental health, Improving services, Research and evaluation

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