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Altogether Autism Workshop (PRISM Series)

PRISM Professional Development Series is for any professional working with people on the autism spectrum. Developed by Altogether Autism, it is based on theoretical, academic and clinical knowledge and delivered by specialist facilitators.

De-escalation - using effective communication to minimise distress

Minimising the risks of violence, aggression in the workplace is a critical requirement in all health and community support settings, especially when clients are experiencing distress. This one day interactive workshop will provide staff with a range of strategies to identify and de-escalate a distressed and/or agitated person while keeping themselves and others safe.

Understanding Cultural Diversity and Cultural safety: Working safely in a multi-cultural context

The world is much more dispersed now and people from all walks of life are living and working everywhere. Gone are the days of working only with the people who grew up where you did. Are you able to navigate the multi-cultural workplace with little difficulty, or do you sometimes struggle to understand why others think and act in ways different to yours? This workshop explores the notions around cultural diversity while providing you with some strategies to ensure you are working in a culturally safe way.

Bachelor of Social Services (Disability)

If you wish to work in middle management or team leadership in supporting people with disabilities or policy and procedure development then this a fantastic programme.

Advancing the skills of case management in the community

This one day workshop is tailored for any staff that work individually with clients in the community. It will guide staff in ensuring safe and effective support is provided with clients.

Understanding health related legislation

This one-day tailored and interactive workshop will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to ensure you are managing your role within the boundaries of this legislation in order to protect the rights of those individuals affected.

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