Cara Thomas

Clinical lead

Information plays an important role in supporting service delivery and planning, providing a strong basis for building a more transparent, efficient and effective system that is responsive to mental health related need. The role of information is fundamentally important at all levels of service provision. Rising to the Challenge continues to place a greater emphasis on the collection and best use of outcomes information across the mental health sector, including primary care. Effective use of information can create a climate for action, enabling well-informed decision making in all aspects of care and can make a real difference for individuals and their families/whānau, and that’s why I enjoy my work in this role as a clinical lead.

By profession, I graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) and pursued a career in health social work. I have more than 15 years clinical experience in health and mental health related roles spanning primary and secondary sectors and have worked in a range of different settings including acute and community.

My professional experience has included clinical and leadership roles, and most recently I have been involved in service development in a primary health context. I am a keen supporter of the World Health Organisation's catchphrase ‘there is no health without mental health’. I look forward to the opportunities arising under Rising to the Challenge to shape future services more responsively, to better meet the needs of people.

Current projects