Klare Braye

Project leader, Matua Raḵi

I feel privileged to be working with the team at Matua Raki, building on the existing skills and encouraging new knowledge of a workforce that can contribute to effective, passionate and welcoming service provision for tāngata whai ora. 

My current role is supporting workforce development opportunities among the specialist – and increasingly diverse – allied health, justice and social workforce. It allows me to build on my experience, share my passion and contribute to opportunities for access and support for tāngata whai ora and whānau. At present I'm supporting the existing and emerging research workforce, nurses working in addiction, the family violence network, training providers, and regional addiction networks. 

My background spans more than 20 years of work within the addiction and mental health sectors. Interspersed with travel, study and family life, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside tāngata whai ora, students and colleagues in wet/dry houses, residential settings, private practice, NGOs, DHBs and education providers. 

At Matua Raki, I have worked specifically on the national mental health and addiction workforce stocktake, family violence projects, professional development and training, outcome measures, youth responsiveness and coexisting problems skills and competencies. I work closely with the team with regard to the consumer workforce, Māori and Pasifika workforce needs, collaboration with advisory groups, COPMIA, whānau support, the criminal justice sector and social development.