Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Kyla Mottershead

Project Lead, Special Projects

I am excited to have recently joined Te Pou as Project Lead, Special Projects with the Leadership and System Change team.

Prior to joining Te Pou I worked in Canada at Alberta Health Services in addiction and mental health as part of the Provincial Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention team. There, I led and supported the evaluation and implementation of workforce training and resources to support community psychosocial recovery from several large-scale disasters. I also helped develop tools, resources, and training workshops that promoted positive mental health and wellbeing for both the general population as well as the workforce.  

I have a Bachelor or Arts in Development Studies from the University of Calgary and a Master of Arts in Human Geography from the University of Alberta. My master’s research focused on the social impacts of wildfire evacuations on remote Indigenous communities with the goal of improving emergency management practices. I value working in partnership with people, their families, and communities to improve health equity, as well as mental health and addiction literacy. I look forward to using my skills and experience to contribute to mental health, disability, and addiction workforce development projects at Te Pou.