Attitudes, values, knowledge and skills

Let’s get real: Disability describes the essential attitudes, values, skills and knowledge needed by everyone working in disability.


The seven Real skills in Let’s get real: Disability are

  • Working with Māori
  • Working with families and whānau
  • Working with communities
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination
  • Upholding law, policy and practice
  • Maintaining professional and personal development 

The framework describes a disabled-person driven appraoch for providing quality disability services. The following values and attitudes underpin Let’s get real: Disability:


  • Human rights
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Communities
  • Relationships


  • Compassionate, caring, sensitive, understanding
  • Enabling, encouraging, accepting, supportive
  • Genuine, warm, friendly, fun
  • Honest, fair, sincere, trustworthy
  • Non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, uncritical
  • Open-minded, culturally aware, self-aware, innovative, creative,     positive risk-takers
  • Optimistic, positive, enthusiastic, inspiring,
  • Patient, tolerant, flexible, accommodating
  • Professional, accountable, reliable, responsible
  • Resilient, emotionally strong, able to bounce back in the face of challenges
  • Understanding, perceptive, considerate, responsive