Disability grants

Grant funding is available for disability services, disabled people and family/whānau to take part in workforce and leadership development activities.

Te Pou o te Whakaaro nui (Te Pou) is a hub of workforce and leadership development for disabled people, whānau and the disability workforce.

Three grants are available for disabled people, family/whānau and disability services to take part in skill and leadership development activities:

Individualised Funding (IF) and access to the Te Pou grants

All IF managers throughout the country are eligible to access any disability grant offered by Te Pou subject to the terms and conditions for that grant.

IF managers wanting to apply for workforce development grants or training grants for their staff can only do this through an individual funding host, i.e. IF managers cannot access any Te Pou disability grants directly for their workforce, access must be through an IF host provider.

The role of the IF host is to process the application on behalf of the IF manager. The panel will then decide on whether the learning activity/s aligns with our current priorities and purpose of the grant applied for.

IF managers can request a list of the questions asked in the portal application process for the workforce development grant and the consumer leadership development grant from their IF hosts.

Consumer leadership development grant and workforce development grant and applications

The next grants round for the consumer leadership grant and workforce development grant will open in September 2019.

Training grant applications

The next round for training grant applications will open on 1 July 2019 and will remain open until the allocated funding is fully expended.

Stay up-to-date 

Make sure you’re signed up to the Te Pou e-bulletin to stay up-to-date on these grants.