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An Introduction to the Lightning Process® for Chronic Illness Treatment

What is the Lightning Process®?

"The changes I see in my clients who train in the Lightning Process® are phenomenal as they learn to be sustainably well again, and the research, together with my own experience, supports this."

The Lightning Process® training (LP), teaches people to adjust the messaging throughout their brain and body and to fire and wire up useful, new neural pathways, to repair and reset all the systems in the body.

The LP is based on the studies in psychoneuroimmunology, being the link between the central nervous system, endocrine system and immune system and the brain-mind-body connection.

At this online workshop, your presenter Jenny Oliver will provide an inspiring, fresh new look at health options for chronic illness. At the end of the workshop you will appreciate:

• The WHY: Why the Lightning Process ® works and why it is relevant to you, your patients and practice? Who is it for and not for?

• The HOW: How to apply neuroplasticity, language and brain techniques to overcome illness.

• The WHAT: Techniques you can use to enable, empower and give hope to yourself and others achieve better health outcomes.

• A practical strategy for changing habitual, non-useful patterns into new ones for energy, health and wellbeing

Who Should Attend

This introductory level workshop to the Lightning Process ® is suitable for GP's, health care and mental health professionals (psychiatrists & psychologists), counsellors, social workers and other caring professionals wanting to support their clients to get 'unstuck' by influencing their own health, emotions and body by using techniques based on the way the brain and body interact.

The Lightning Process can assist with both physical ailments and behavioural issues of varying scales and seriousness. No matter how severe your client's condition, or for how long they have suffered, the Lightning Process gets results, improves wellbeing and gets them to where they want to be in life.

Article on Stuff - The Lightning Process: Can this controversial programme cure chronic illness? Fiona Fraser, May 09 2021.

Visit the website for more information. Spaces are limited.