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Confident & Competent Suicide Prevention Training Series - Whangarei


To reduce the high rates of suicide in this country a workforce confident and competent in assessing risk and providing ongoing support to suicidal people is essential

Recent coroners’ findings highlighted the need for workers in the health, social services and counselling / psychotherapy sectors to regularly update their knowledge and competency in suicide risk assessment and intervention. This training should be a core part of practitioner's ongoing professional development.

Advanced practitioners such as counsellors, psychotherapists and clinicians should not only be knowledgeable about suicide risk assessment but also highly competent in undertaking an assessment and assessing the level of risk. They must also be up to date in their competency and capability to engage with the suicidal client and to have good referral process in place.

These advanced level workshops addresses the concerns raised by the coroner and is pitched to the scope of practice for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Consisting of two one-day workshops the Confident and Competent training series provides a comprehensive suicide intervention training programme. Rather than a siloed approach to assessment and support strategies, this training programmes highlights the interconnection of the two and presents the two as part of the continuum of suicide care.

The two workshops are:

1. Risky Business: The art of assessing suicide risk and imminent danger

2. Custodians of Hope: Supporting the suicidal person

Designed specifically for the New Zealand context, this training addresses the concerns made by coroners' findings and is being recommended by counsellors all over the country as "must attend" workshops.

Risky Business: The art of assessing suicide risk and imminent danger

Undertaking a suicide risk assessment is not without its complexities. One size does not fit all. This advanced level workshop provides the opportunity for participants to depth their knowledge and competency in the “art” of assessing suicide risk and imminent danger through empathetic dialogue rather than a more traditional assessment interview process. Participants will be introduced to the Conversation of Enquiry which is a series of mini conversations that is client-focused and where the conversation of distress is the primary focus of the enquiry rather than presence of risk factors.

Custodians of Hope: Supporting the suicidal person

Identifying suicide risk is only one aspect of working with the suicidal person. The increasing demand on mental health services means that front line workers are often having to provide ongoing support for those assessed as not being in imminent danger of suicide.

Workshop participants will explore a range of engagement, support and safe containment outcomes for supporting the suicidal person post the risk assessment process. These outcomes can be applied to any counselling, psychotherapeutic or support model. The outcomes are grouped into:

Manaakitanga, Anchoring, Kōrero, Anchoring, Illumination, Interrupting the suicidal thought, Invitation to Live, Custodian of Hope, Restoring of Wairua, Strategies for coping.

For more detailed descriptions of each workshop, click here.

Register for both workshops and receive a 20% discount off both registrations - a saving of $100

The training series is designed as a two workshop package but you can opt just to attend one. However because the content and process is designed with a continuum of learning across the two workshops, attendance at only one will likely mean a disjointed learning experience for you.

Click on the workshop name, if you wish to only register for the Risky Business or Custodians of Hope workshop in Whangarei.

Second workshop Date. Custodians of Hope Whangarei 28 October