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Conversations That Create Hope

Conversations That Create Hope introduces Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) - an approach which is forward-focused rather than looking backwards to analyse the past. It is based on solution building and explores strengths, personal resources and future hopes rather than problems, illness, weakness or deficits.

Applicable and effective in a range of clinical, social, educational, and corporate settings, it can be used in virtually any situation where people want to improve something in their lives. One of the great things is that you don't have to be a mental health or other therapist to use it, and this presentation will highlight that anyone can use SFBT in any situation where a person wants something to be better, but may not know how to go about doing it.

This interactive online workshop presented by David Hains and Emma Burns will be an introduction to SFBT (or Solution Focused Brief Interventions) targeted at people who have little or no prior knowledge of the therapy. It will include many examples from Emma and David, as well as plenty of opportunities to practice the skills and to ask questions.

Workshop Aims:

At the end of the workshop attendees will:

• understand the core tenets and principles of the approach.

• understand some of the main techniques of the approach (and will have the chance to practice these during the workshop).

• understand how the SF approach can be used within a variety of settings (clinical and non-clinical).

• have knowledge and tools to be able to start using the approach immediately in their own workplace.

Who Should Attend

This introductory level workshop is for all who work to support others to change, or who want to find a better way of doing things, from large corporations, to small business, and individuals. You could be an executive, a manager, an employee, a team, a clinician, an athlete, or an individual who just wants something to be better. You don't need a diagnosis, you just need something that you want to change, but don’t know how to change it.

For large corporations to small business, this workshop will:

· help leaders, managers and executives to become better leaders

· help employees to find better ways of doing things

· improving employee wellbeing and reducing burnout

For health services, NGOs and education services it will help clinical and non-clinical staff to:

· help their teams to grow together and move in the one direction

· teach of solution focused techniques to use in the organisation

These workshops sell out. Book now or email to secure your place.

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