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Equally Well webinar - Leadership structures and backbone functions

In this first webinar members of the backbone team shared our learnings from two workshops facilitated by experienced collective impact practitioners, Liz Weaver from the Tamarack Institute in Canada, and Megan Courtney from Inspiring Communities in Aotearoa.

Liz and Megan helped us reflect on key accomplishments, patterns, opportunities for the future and gaps. They asked us to think about what ‘the Equally Well world’ currently looks like - what Tamarack refer to as our eco-system, or our organising structure, and how it could evolve over time. We also learnt about different types and ways of structuring the crucial functions of backbone teams and leadership tables / steering committees.

We focused on how we can work better together, with inspiring champions who shared thought-provoking insights to help us strengthen the reach and impact of the Equally Well collaborative.

“We will not resolve Equally Well if we don’t engage society and the general public in a conversation about it because many of the drivers of Equally Well are not mental health or addiction sector drivers. They are issues like discrimination, issues like the reforms needed in the mental health sector generally, issues like prescribing practices.” Darryl Bishop (Ember Korowai Takitini)

"For me there is the issue around collective impact. How do we galvanise a whole sector and other sectors to respond to some of the broader determinants of health that we know impact people? How do we get that systemic change and constantly make sure that when people are making decisions they are looking through the lens of what will be the value add, what will be the impact for the group of people most disadvantaged at the moment?” Barbara Disley (Emerge)

"We can understand that each whānau, each unit, each action hub …. is an opportunity for us to focus in on our strengths.” Kahurangi Fergusson-Tibble (Te Pou)

You can watch a recording of the webinar below.

View the powerpoint presentation from the webinar