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Mental health First Aid (MHFA)

Physical First Aid is a well known addition to personal development, supporting family and business as needed (i.e. heart attack - starting CPR, or at the very least, calling 111).

But few of us would know how to respond to a friend or colleague having a panic attack or showing signs of alcoholism, depression or suicide.

Unfortunately, there is widespread naivety and stigma surrounding mental health. Thisprevents people from providing appropriate support to someone, simply because they do not know how.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training changes this:

  • by demystifying mental illness;
  • by helping us understand that mental illnesses are real,common, and treatable; and
  • by showing people how to help.

The MHFA course teaches participants about common mental health issues.

Upon completion of the course, some organisations have introduced Mental Health First Aid Officers, in the same way they have First Aid Officers.

Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa is an internationally recognised and accredited programme. Join over 5 million+ people globally who have already become MH First Aiders. The accreditation is against the individual and not the organisation and is valid for 3 years. On completion of the course a certificate is provided and the comfort that your MHFA skills can be used within business, personal and community.