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National Not-For-Profit Sector Conference 2022

Is your community health organisation a Not-for-Profit? We must adapt to the new norm, look ahead whilst staying dynamic. But where is it heading?

With communities as the common reference point and driving force for change, our sector needs to be innovative to overcome the challenges that hold us all back from our full potential. While New Zealand is a small country, we are made up of many communities and each of these have their own hopes and needs.

This annual NFP Conference presents thought leaders, dreamers, doers, experts and dedicated believers that we can make a positive difference across the lives we touch. They will share their sense belief, their rationale, the skills, the tools and good oil – and we hope that they fire up your inspiration. The emphasis is on “doing” – rather than the endless talking and planning that sometimes dominates our lives. They will encourage you to be ruthless in who you run with and build a new can-do narrative.