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Understanding Attachment, Trauma and using Play Therapy Interventions

Chronic stress, childhood adversity and various forms of trauma are often encountered by children, families and communities in our work. Children learn to make sense of their world through a healthy co-regulating relationship with their primary caregiver and other significant adults in their lives. Play is a universal language and significant way of how children understand and express themselves and connect with others and their environment.

This workshop focuses on introducing attachment and trauma theory, and ways to understand and work with nervous system and emotional regulation to help children and youth cope and work through adverse life experiences. It also offers a great opportunity for participants to be introduced to Play Therapy and will provide a variety of tools, along with directive and non-directive interventions to use with clients of a wide age range. This experiential training explores how to understand and apply strategies to support children, youth and families on their path to healing.

The presentation will utilise short videos, hands-on and experiential practices, as well as group discussions, and will cover:

  • Trauma and Attachment theory
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Tools for nervous system regulation
  • How Play Therapy can help with Trauma
  • Child-Centered Play Therapy
  • Creative-Based Therapy

And much more.

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