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Fullpower Healthy Relationships Ambassador Training

Training provider

Empowerment Trust

Contact: Fiona Bryan



Telephone: +64 211474639

Training details


Fullpower Healthy Relationships Ambassador Training

Training type

Community development, inclusion and employment support

Approximate cost

$1000 per group - funding available

About the training

Disabled Teaching Life Skills is a sexual violence and bullying prevention programme that opens eyes, builds connection and safety and changes lives. For once, people with learning disabilities are the experts and teach a subject that is relevant to all. Fullpower Healthy Relationships is a programme developed with and for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. It provides practical tools to build resiliency and to prevent bullying, violence and abuse. The resource kit was developed in close collaboration with users with disabilities. It utilises the extensive expertise and skills of Irene van der Zande, the founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, an organisation that served millions of people worldwide since 1989. This training is suited to groups of disabled with the aim of becoming Fullpower Healthy Relationships Ambassadors. The Ambassadors, once trained, are supported to co-facilitate interactive sessions for groups. They:

  • co-lead interactive sessions
  • teach relationship skills
  • facilitate genuine sharing and discussion
  • collaboratively create roleplays

Learning Outcomes - All participants practice and reflect on personal and interpersonal skills including:

  • attitudes of respect for themselves and others
  • bystander awareness and attitudes of care and concern for themselves and other people
  • effective communication skills, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  • personal rights and responsibilities, including consent and being an ethical bystander.

Ambassadors and their supporting organisation can then promote and deliver the Fullpower Healthy Relationships programme to other groups and individuals. The training is tailored to suit the needs of the group and individuals.

Training location

To suit client group

Training duration

Variable to meet client needs

Training delivery format

Check with training provider for details

Disability involvement


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