Here at Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui, we're rapidly adapting to new ways of working in response to Covid-19. We're doing all we can to support and inform our workforces. Find out more by visiting our dedicated Covid-10 portal.

Here at Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui, we're rapidly adapting to new ways of working in response to Covid-19. We're doing all we can to support and inform our workforces. Find out more by visiting our dedicated Covid-10 portal.

Resources for individual learning

To develop the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills described Let’s get real, there are some resources that organisations can use as part of their workforce development initiatives. Te Pou will continue to develop further resources in 2019 for the refreshed Let’s get real.

Values informed practice

Values informed practice is a resource for individual learners, teams, educators, supervisors, and leaders.

Informed by the Let’s get real values, it takes a deeper look into turning awareness and knowledge about our values into practice.

Values informed practice is about recognising people’s values and understanding how to work with them. The ultimate aim is to enhance ways of working and better outcomes for people accessing services, their whānau - and for people working in mental health and addiction services.

A feature of values is they are ‘action-guiding’, which means they underpin all decisions and are therefore highly relevant to decision-making in a health context.

Understanding mental health and addiction


The Essential level of the seven Real Skills is designed for anyone working in health. This recognises the need for developing some understanding and skills to work with people experiencing mental health and addiction needs.

MH101 is a one-day workshop that gives people the tools to recognise, relate and respond to those who need support for their mental health and wellbeing. This could be a client, a workmate, a friend or a family member.

Engagement skills

Engagement essentials

This resource takes a holistic approach incorporating a process of engaging for wellbeing. It draws on the shared aspirations of both people with lived experience and those who work in services.

People respond when they feel seen, heard, understood and cared about. The ability of workers to connect in the first stages of engaging with people has a significant impact on whether they continue to engage with services and their treatment. 

The use of language and how we say what we say has the power to transform a moment with someone. Exploring your own values, beliefs and attitudes and the way these shape your approach to engaging with people is essential. 

He Whakapāpā, he oranga: Engaging for wellbeing

Informed by Let's get real, this e-learning module provides people who work in mental health an addiction with an opportunity to learn and reflect on their values, attitudes, knowledge and skills, and the role these have in building effective therapeutic relationships to achieve wellbeing. 

Building effective relationships supports people towards achieving a state of wellbeing that is meaningful to them. We support people's rights to build a meaningful life of their own choosing - that is what wellbeing means to us.

To work well with someone, we must build effective therapeutic relationships that have a high level of engagement. A crucial part of establishing effective therapeutic relationships is understanding people's values or preferences.

Informed by the seven Real Skills, this e-learning module is a refreshed approach to learning for individuals and teams.

The content of this e-learning module includes a self-assessment, some reading, videos and reflecting on wellbeing. You can complete this essential training online using a PC, laptop or tablet, at your own pace and at a time that suits you. The modules can be completed in one sitting or you can pause and return to a module later. 

This course is broken into six learning sessions of approximately 10 minutes each (one hour in total). When finished, you automatically receive a certificate of completion. 

This training is provided by Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui at no cost. 

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Working with Māori

One of the seven Real Skills is working with Maori. The Matua Raḵi team within Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui has developed a series of interactive cultural competency e-learning tools aimed to increase the cultural competency of the health workforce.  

These modules assist workers to increase their understanding of working effectively with Māori tāngata whai ora and whānau to improve health outcomes. For more information and to access the learning modules click here.

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Step-by-step instructions can be downloaded in the Resources section below.