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Ngā Waka o Matariki

The Equally Well Māori health strategy

2021 has seen the launch of Ngā Waka o Matariki, the Equally Well Māori health strategy.

Developed by a rōpū of Equally Well champions, Ngā Waka o Matariki is grounded in Te Tiriti partnerships, inter-connectivity with Papatūānuku and associations of mutual nourishment, nurturing and humanity. Ngā Waka o Matariki seeks to inspire people to take action to improve the health care journey of Whai ora Māori and Whānau.

The Matariki framework encourages Equally Well champions to honour partnerships, be inspired to Moemoeā (dreams and visions) and act to make these realities.

Experience Ngā Waka o Matariki

Experience Ngā Waka o Matariki strategy through the digital flipbook, and download the Ngā Waka o Matariki strategy and the template for developing your Moemoeā.

If you’re interested in hosting a NwoM wānanga for your organisation or participating in NWoM wānanga webinars in 2022 contact the rōpū through Reena, phone 021 026 10101 or email

Feedback so far

Ngā Waka o Matariki rōpū held wānanga with Equally Well partners Mental Health Foundation and Te Hiringa Hauora (Health Promotion Agency) to introduce the strategy and inspire kaimahi to action. Feedback from participants has been very positive.

“Can I say the Ngā Waka o Matariki presentation was fantastic . . . You three did an awesome job. Well Done!” Michael Naera | Pou Kurutao (Senior Advisor Māori), August 2021.

Ngā Waka o Matariki flipbook


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