Equally Well resources

A range of resources are available to help organisations and people get involved in Equally Well.

Resources about Equally Well

Equally Well framework for collaborative action: This resource outlines how the Equally Well collaborative can work together to improve the physical health of people who experience mental health/addiction issues.

Equally Well model for collaborative action: A visual representation of the Equally Well programme of collaborative action.

Consensus position paper: This resource outlines the driving principles of the project and was written in consultation with a range of agencies.

Resources on the evidence

Cardiovascular disease risk and management in people who experience serious mental illness: an evidence review
The Ministry of Health is reviewing the guidance provided to primary care on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and management. This research looks at the evidence on mental health and CVD.

Infographic and presentation on the evidence review key findings: An infographic and presentation showing the key stats on the physical health of people with mental health and addiction issues.

The physical health of people with a serious mental illness and/or addiction: An evidence review: This resource looks at the literature on the physical health of people experiencing mental health and addiction issues.

Resources for promoting Equally Well

Equally Well action plan template: Use this to help your board and organisations to plan Equally Well.