Evaluation of Tupu Ake

The peer workforce plays a vital role in effectively supporting people experiencing mental health and addiction problems and their whānau toward wellbeing. While the necessity of having a strong peer workforce as a part of the mental health sector is becoming more apparent, the workforce’s unique contribution is not well understood.

In partnership with a peer evaluator and Pathways Ltd, Te Pou sought to gather more evidence to describe the unique contribution of the peer workforce at Tupu Ake, a peer-led acute admission alternative service.  

Guests shared their stories describing how peers at Tupu Ake used their lived experience to provide support. Data was also used to examine service use.

The results of the data analysis and narratives demonstrated the following key effects of Tupu Ake:

  • This specialised acute care is delivered in a homelike environment that feels safe and supports guests’ self-management skills and overall recovery journey.
  • Peer support specialists (PSS) provide individualised support to guests through the integration of peer values into their practice.
  • Tupe Ake acute alternative service is valued by guests, crisis staff and the wider sector. 
  • Guests’ levels of distress are reduced, with a median length of stay of seven days. Ninety-three per cent of guests were not readmitted to Tupu Ake overnight services within a 28-day period. 

The full evaluation is available for download below.