Connecting, sharing knowledge, and applying innovations to improve services

The International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and the International Initiative for Disability Leadership (IIDL) are international learning collaboratives for mental health, addiction and disability leaders.

IIMHL and IIDL help leaders connect, share knowledge, and apply innovations to improve services. IIMHL and IIDL are government funded initiatives.

The 2019 IIMHL Leadership Exchange

The 2019 IIMHL Leadership Exchange was held September 9-13. Matches were across the US and Canada with the Network Meeting in Washington D.C. See the Network meeting agenda and match topics.

Each country had an allocation and New Zealand was allocated 30 places at the Exchange. 

A key issue for 2019 was to ensure members of the New Zealand delegation are equipped and ideally placed to implement recommendations from He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction

Learning from the 2019 Exchange will be disseminated over the next few months on this webpage.

For further information please email iimhl@tepou.co.nz




New Zealand’s involvement in IIMHL

Nine countries participate in IIMHL: New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands and Australia. 

New Zealand is a founding member of IIMHL. Te Pou funds a staff member to work on planning, liaison and evaluation for IIMHL. 

Read about the 2018 IMHL and IIDL Leadership Exchange.

How to join

There is no cost to join IIMHL or IIDL. Register on the IIMHL website.

You can join if you are employed in a leadership role and you are endorsed by your employer or sponsoring organisation, or if you are acknowledged by the sector as having leadership responsibilities.

Leadership roles can range from CEO through to Māori leaders, Pacific leaders, clinicians or consumers or family members who work in advocacy roles with leadership responsibilities in services.