Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Let's get real: Using the Real Skills Online assessment tool

Real Skills is a free online self-assessment tool available to organisations in the health and disability sectors. It has been developed by Te Pou to provide an easy way for organisations and the workforce to assess knowledge and skills and plan targeted workforce development.

The intent of Let’s get real is:

  • To have shared values and attitudes when working with people and whānau with mental health and addiction needs
  • To develop the knowledge and skills of the workforce described in the seven Real Skills.

 If your organisation is using Let’s get real , then Real Skills can provide you with an easy way to gather, access and review information on your workforce’s knowledge and skills.

Online assessment reports

Organisations can sign up their entire workforce to generate organisational, service and/or team level reports. These reports aggregate anonymous self-assessment information from Let’s get real that the organisation has identified is relevant to their work. 

This information can then be used to create workforce development plans in the specific areas where the greatest needs have been identified.

All assessment information is securely stored in people’s profiles and they can easily return and update as required. 

These individual reports can be used for professional development planning.

For information about the use of Real Skills Online with other frameworks click here.

Let’s get real Real Skills Online Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn more about using Real Skills Online to support your organisation.


Next steps

Sign up your organisation, or to find out more about Real Skills Online and whether it is right for your organisation, please contact Olivia Risi

Watch this video to see the steps involved to sign up your organisation.