Mahi Rawe: Great Work

Mahi Rawe: Great Work

New Zealand needs a more diverse and inclusive disability workforce. We are excited to promote Mahi Rawe to the disability sector.

Mahi Rawe means great work

We believe that the disability sector is a great place to work. We know it’s great to work with disabled people, ensuring they live the life they choose. There are also many benefits for people new to and currently working in the disability sector.

Diversity and inclusion in the disability workforce

View this video showcasing how important diversity and inclusion is for disabled people.

Mahi Rawe fono

At the beginning of 2020 the Disability Workforce Development virtual team discussed ways to promote the workshops and resources that Te Pou and Blueprint for Learning have to offer – to align the mahi from all three sectors – Disability, Mental Health and Addiction. To this end, we planned a one day Mahi Rawe Fono to be held at a hotel in Auckland. Our plans had to change, of course, having been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We decided to change the way we delivered our fono, and ran it as a webinar. We were incredibly pleased to have 50 participants who joined us on the day to listen to nine presenters speak about the range of exciting initiatives, services and training managed by Te Pou and Blueprint for Learning. The webinar was wonderfully successful, given the short time in which we had to change the format and delivery. Thanks to everyone who attended and interacted with us during the fono; it was an amazing and enlightening experience. You can view videos of the presentations here.

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Te Pou has a wide range of evidence-based resources and tools to help the mental health, addiction and disability workforces.

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Our work

Te Pou works alongside mental health and addiction services, and disability organisations to understand their priorities and workforce challenges.

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