Peer workforce competencies

Competencies have been created to help shape the development of the peer and service user workforce in mental health and addiction services.

The resource Competencies for the mental health and addiction service user, consumer and peer workforce can be used to inform all aspects of an organisation including training, recruitment, performance management, self-assessment, service specifications, auditing and more.

The resource outlines the competencies necessary for the peer workforce at four levels: essential, peer practitioner, manager and leader. It also describes the values necessary for the workforce.

The competencies were developed from national and international literature and in consultation with peer support workers and leaders around New Zealand. A reference group of people working in peer leadership roles, and a series of forums in the Midland region, informed the development of the competencies.

This project was funded by Te Pou, Northern Regional Alliance and Midland HealthShare Limited. Mary O’Hagan was project lead.

Real Skills: online assessment tool 

Real Skills provides a free and easy way to gather, access and review information on your workforce’s knowledge and skills in the peer workforce competencies and other sector frameworks. This information can help identify particular areas that might need development in order to provide best practice care for people accessing services. Find out more about signing your organisation up to Real Skills.