SPARK: Evidence into practice

Bridging the gap between knowing and doing.

It takes a long time for new evidence about effective practice to be implemented, and often even longer to stop using practices that aren't supported by evidence. Implementing new evidence-based practices – or improving existing practices – is critical to improving outcomes for the people who use mental health and addiction services. It can be very rewarding – yet it can be hard work.

Supporting the promotion of activated research and knowledge (SPARK) is a workshop developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). 

Te Pou partnered with MHCC to adapt the workshop for New Zealand participants in 2013. In 2014 Te Pou and MHCC jointly ran a SPARK workshop in Sweden as part of IIMHL.

Participants on the SPARK NZ workshop develop techniques for implementing evidence into practice in mental health and addiction services. SPARK NZ teaches the Innovation to Implementation model – an easy to use framework for translating evidence into practice.

SPARK NZ participants share their experiences