Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

This is who we are

A new look is coming for Te Pou

This is who we are

As of 1 July 2020, Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui will be called Te Pou. We have a fresh new look and a new logo (to be applied to our website later in the year - see below for more on this transition). While we honour our previous name, the name change, the new logo and a refreshed visual identity are a stronger reflection of the work we do now in our role as a national centre for information and workforce development in mental health, addiction and disability.

We are looking to the future.


How we got here

The changes follow a thorough review of how our organisation is seen and understood. We received feedback from a great many people. We want it to be clear who we are and what we do, so we sought input from the people, workforces and comunities we serve about how we can make it clearer. 

We aim to do everything we can to support the workforce, the community, and people with mental health issues, addiction issues and disability. Evidence is at the heart of our work. The diagram here shows where Te Pou sits - connecting the two key areas where we have skills and expertise. This lies behind our new logo.

A connector, a mentor, a marker, a supporter

Pou are commonly thought of as pillars, upright support poles, or posts. But in traditional Māori narratives of the origin of the universe, pou were pillars of light, used to keep sky and earth separated. This allowed the natural world to flourish and, in turn, people to prosper. As a verb, pou can also mean to establish and confirm, or to be a stalwart or mentor.

In our new logo, the blue represents the sky, the non-physical and intellectual realm – knowledge, truth and evidence (in other words, information). The green symbolises the tangible, physical world – land and people (workforce). The white triangle is the intersection of these two concepts. It signifies us – where we work as a connector, supporter, marker, and mentor, connecting information (evidence) and people.



The transition

We launched our new identity on 1 July 2020, but the transition will take some time. Our website will be completely rebuilt over the coming months, with the aim of being more focused on how you and others can easily use and access our resources and knowledge. Our content, both printed and online, will be reworked too.


Thank you to those involved

The process of developing our new name and identity involved input and reflections from people in our communities, associated workforces and allied organisations – as well as our own staff. Thank you to everyone who participated: you’ve led us to where we are now, and it’s something of which we can be very proud.


Look to the future, honour the past

As Te Pou, we very much look towards the future. However, we also honour the past. As Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui, we achieved a great deal. Everyone who has worked for the organisation over the 14 years we’ve been operating has contributed a great deal to our mission. We take the achievements of the past and build on those as we work towards what we hope will be an even brighter future.

Poua ki runga

Poua ki raro

Poua ki tāmore nui

Nō Rangi, nō Papa

E Rongo! He āio!

Pai Mārire!

Establish above and below the connection with the sky and earth and a peaceful environment. Let goodwill and harmony reign!