Purpose for including Let’s get real in orientation strategy and processes

  • All new staff have an understanding of the expectations of Let’s get real and how this needs to be demonstrated in their practice.
  • Staff can assess themselves against the seven Real Skills to identify strengths and areas for development through the use of Real Skills assessment tool.
  • Share information on how colleagues are developing their knowledge and skills to reflect the seven Real Skills.



  • All health care workers understand how Let’s get real is used in the organisation.
  • There are clear expectations about the use of Let’s get real when introducing new staff into your organisation.
  • Staff are aware of the support available to them to develop their practice to demonstrate Let’s get real.


Examples of how to include Let’s get real in your orientation process

  • Utilise consistent protocols for welcoming new staff to your organisation, for example a whakatau.
  • During the orientation, explain how the seven Real Skills and the Let’s get real values and attitudes apply in this job.
  • Include the requirement for all new staff to utilise a Let’s get real assessment to inform their professional development.
  • Promote an understanding of values informed practice and how this is reflected in the organisation.
  • Let staff know ways to access support to develop their skills, and where they can acquire knowledge of Let’s get real.


Orientation resource examples