Performance management and coaching

Purpose for including Let’s get real in performance management and coaching

  • Performance management and coaching utilises the results of a self-assessment of Let’s get real to identify areas for development.
  • Opportunities are provided for people to develop their confidence and skills in working with people and whānau with mental health and addiction needs through feedback and coaching.
  • Organisations have a consistent approach in using Let’s get real to inform performance management and coaching.



  • Clear expectations are set regarding practice that reflects Let’s get real.


Examples of how to include Let’s get real in your performance management

  • Acknowledge that each individual is at different stages in their development of the Real Skills. Developing these skills can take time.  
  • Work together during coaching to determine your team member’s level of capability for each skill as identified through the self-assessment. Consider how you are receiving feedback about your team’s application of the Real Skills. This could involve feedback from a person accessing services or from their whānau. This provides a useful measure for how your team member is developing their skills in each area.
  • Clearly outline the expected performance and identify ways that you can support their development.
  • Acknowledge what might be getting in the way of a team member developing these skills? How do the values and attitudes of Let’s get real align with their own personal values? How are these reflected in their work?
  • Identify a timeframe to do a follow up self-assessment to identify areas of progress.
  • Consider other ways for providing different kinds of support to the team member, eg professional supervision or peer support. 


Performance management and coaching resource examples