Purpose for including Let’s get real in recruitment strategy

Including the values, attitudes and seven Real Skills in your recruitment activities will: 

  • set clear expectations about the knowledge and skills required for the role that reflect Let’s get real alongside role specific competencies
  • identify the importance of values and attitudes in supporting people in health
  • provide an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate their experience in relation to Let’s get real
  • raise the awareness and importance of all health workers being able to respond to people who experience mental health and addiction needs.



  • All recruitment in health reflects the importance that their practice needs to demonstrate the values, attitudes and the essential level of the seven Real Skills.
  • All appointments to mental health and addiction roles understand the expectation that their practice demonstrates the values, attitudes and the essential and enhanced level of the seven Real Skills.
  • Employers will identify strengths and areas for development for new staff in relation to Let’s get real.


Examples of how to include Let’s get real in your recruitment process

Involve consumer, family and whānau and cultural advisors

  • The interview panel includes consumer, whānau and cultural expertise.
  • The panel is involved in shortlisting, interviewing and selecting. 
  • Interview questions reflect the values, attitudes and seven Real Skills.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate examples of their practice in relation to the seven Real Skills.

Include Let’s get real into your organisation’s recruitment policy

  • Seek recruits who demonstrate the values and attitudes and seven Real Skills of Let's get real.
  • Provide a fair system for reviewing decisions.
  • Aim to employ high quality leaders who model and promote a high standard of the seven Real Skills.
  • Aim to employ staff that deliver services fairly, effectively, impartially and courteously to people and whānau accessing services.
  • Aim to employ staff who value: workplace relationships, effective communication, consultation, cooperation, contributing to workplace improvement, receiving feedback.
  • Be apolitical, impartial and professional, and guarantee independence of staffing decisions.
  • Employment decisions should be made in an openly accountable, transparent and equitable manner whilst maintaining privacy. All references should be checked, with the applicant’s permission.
  • Recognise, respect and use diversity, and focus on achieving results and managing performance.
  • Comply with all anti-discrimination legislation.
  • Eliminate employment-related disadvantage for specific groups.
  • Provide reasonable opportunity to all eligible members of the community.
  • Promote equality in employment.

Include Let’s get real into your job descriptions including person specification

  • Job descriptions that include the values, attitudes and seven Real Skills will ensure increased accountability, as the candidate can then be measured against the levels (essential, enhanced and leadership) for professional development and performance reviews. It is accepted that organisational values and skills, along with professional competencies, will already reflect some of the values, attitudes and seven Real Skills of Let's get real.

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