Purpose for including Let’s get real in selection strategy and processes

Including the values, attitudes and seven Real Skills in your selection activities will: 

  • provide an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their awareness, understanding and practice in relation to the seven Real Skills relevant to the role
  • ensure that values and attitudes are included in the selection criteria
  • consider how the interview panel reflects diversity and lived experience as identified in the seven Real Skills.



  • Successful candidates will have an alignment with the values and attitudes of Let’s get real and those of the organisation.
  • The values, attitudes and seven Real Skills are utilised in decision making about a successful candidate and fit for the role.
  • Increased awareness and visibility of the role of Let’s get real in health recruitment.


Examples of how to include Let’s get real in your recruitment process

Include Let’s get real into your initial shortlisting; for example, candidates who have experience: 

  • working with people, Māori, whānau
  • working within communities
  • challenging discrimination.

Things to consider when setting up the interview

  • Ideally, cultural and lived experience representatives should be present on the panel.
  • Find ways to recognise cultural difference and use an approach to suit.
  • Include Let’s get real in your interview questions (examples of questions).
  • Include the opportunity for the candidate to do a presentation about their practice in relation to Let’s get real.

Reference checks

  • When carrying out your reference checks, include questions where you are seeking evidence of the candidate displaying the Let's get real values, attitudes and Real skills.

Selection resource examples