I often say, if we don’t measure, we can’t manage. If we don’t know how effective we are being, how do we know we are doing the right things? Routine outcome measurement can help us understand if what we are doing is making a difference to people using services.

Yesterday saw the Alcohol and Drug Outcome Measure (ADOM) launched in all adult, community based addiction (outpatient) services across New Zealand. The use of ADOM as a routine outcome measure is a huge step forward for people using addiction services – they now have real time reflections on their progress in a series of important domains.

The developers of ADOM, the advisory group members, the project team, the people trained as trainers and champions and the AOD sector in general have led us to this point. We now have a person rated outcome measure being used nationally. This will lead to information (in its broadest sense) being used at many levels, from individual to nationally aggregated data.

The next few months will be a learning process for us all. Te Pou want to support practitioners and people in the best way we can. We will keep our ADOM web pages updated, have started the ADOM reflections group and our ADOM project team are available to answer questions.

Ngā mihi nui
Robyn Shearer