Te Pou has been keen to hear your feedback during the Covid 19 period. On our website, there is the ability to tell us what the three most significant things have been for you during the whole lockdown period.

The last time we shared the feedback we gathered was during the height of the lockdown period. At that time most of the feedback related to service delivery issues, particularly connected to remote support.

From the hundreds of people who shared their feedback, we have noticed a significant change as we moved to levels 2 and 1.

Service delivery issues remain important, with a focus on remote support (a key area we have focused on during the Covid 19 period, please see our supervision factsheets in this newsletter) also practice-based issues such as substance use,  talking therapies and medication-related issues.

Workforce issues have seen a rise in emphasis, with a focus on training to improve people’s knowledge gap, staff well-being, upskilling, and limited time availability.

Psychosocial issues have focused on employment and stigma. Cultural competence issues are increasingly emphasised in the feedback.

The following graph provides a good sense of the shift in emphasis from level 3/4 to level 1 and 2.
















Please keep the feedback coming. We are listening.