It’s official – the 5th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference (AMHOIC) was a resounding success. The Te Pou information team is walking the talk and using information to evaluate and gather outcomes on the conference. Information was collected via ShowGizmo and a survey to conference delegates, and has been used to create the infographic below.

Scott D. Miller’s keynote address ‘Rising to the information challenge’ was rated very highly by delegates. One participant said it was one of the conference highlights for them.

“Scott D. Miller - entertaining, engaging and memorable. There is something about a keynote that leaves you feeling like you've learnt something and you retain it”.

Andrew Page’s keynote ‘Judging the success of  feeding back outcome information to service users’ was also highly rated. One delegate quoted:

“Andrew Page - how practitioners over rate themselves and [the way] their mood affects consumer outcomes - another workforce development challenge to making practitioners be in a good mood more often.”

A lot of feedback was received about the breadth and diversity offered in the programme. This cemented a feeling among delegates that a paradigm shift has occurred. We have moved beyond implementing outcome measures and collecting information, to exploring how an outcomes and information culture has a practical application for everyday use in frontline service delivery.

“Great to see to a shift from technical tool application to service engagement.”

“Information collected and collated is evidence, valuable, informative, comparative and is to be shared at all end user levels. So how to do this better at my own workplace? Information is better generating discussion rather than being driven.”

Delegates themselves were a diverse bunch, from a range of roles and workplace settings. Both the NGO and public sector were well represented.

Many delegates particularly noted the positive, collaborative and friendly vibe throughout the event. It appears AMHOIC 2015 delivered something for everyone who attended.

“Best conference I have EVER been to and I’ve been to many! I didn't expect it would be so people oriented rather than measures and numbers focused…I’ve left with new knowledge which I can easily apply in my role, new friends and colleagues AND having been inspired and replenished.”

To maintain momentum around our outcomes culture, we are now hard at work organising the national outcomes forum which will take place in 2016. We will work with the great feedback and suggestions provided as a starting point for planning the forum. If you’d like to attend the outcomes forum, email your details to to receive further event information.

The 6th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference (AMHOIC) will be held in Brisbane, Australia in 2017.