Engagement essentials

Publication date: 2 November 2018

Engagement is about establishing the connections that lead to effective therapeutic relationships, referred to as mutual relationships in peer support work.

Engaging effectively with people is integral to demonstrating the Let’s get real seven Real skills. Let’s get real is a framework of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for working with people and whānau with mental health and addiction needs.

People respond when they feel seen, heard, understood and cared about. The ability of workers to connect in the first stages of engaging with people has a significant impact on whether they continue to engage with services and their treatment. 

The use of language and how we say what we say has the power to transform a moment with someone. Exploring your own values, beliefs and attitudes and the way these shape your approach to engaging with people is essential. 

Te Pou is excited to introduce you to the refreshed Let’s get real framework and suite of resources including Engagement Essentials. 

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