Evaluation report: The use of DoView in NGOs

Publication date: 5 December 2012

Te Pou and Platform Trust sponsored 10 non-government organisations (NGOs) to implement DoView, a software package for visual strategic planning and outcomes modelling.

Organisations were provided with training and support, and an evaluation process was run alongside the implementation of DoView to determine the usefulness of the project.

Phase One of the project, comprising five mental health NGOs, started in December 2010. The evaluation of the first phase showed a range of barriers to the use of DoView; three organisations completed the training and implemented DoView.

The findings led to a change in the entry criteria and the training approach for the next group of participating NGOs.

Phase two of the project, including a new group of five NGOs, started in November 2011 and was concluded in June 2012 and showed successful uptake of the approach.

This evaluation report documents the findings of phase two of the DoView project.

For further information please contact Natascha Pancic or Sarah Greenaway.