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National outcomes collection: Clinician's reference guide version 2.1 (2015)

This clinician’s reference guide focuses on what clinicians need to know to collect and use the HoNOS family of measures appropriately (HoNOS, HoNOSCA, HoNOS 65+, HoNOS-LD and HoNOS-secure). The guide provides some notion of how this can be useful clinically using the score interpretation table.

Subsequent versions of this guide will have more information on what clinicians need to collect in conjunction with outcomes data - that is activity, seclusion, CEP (co-existing problems), KPP (Knowing the People Planning), KPI (mental health key performance indicator) data and other outcome measures (such as ADOM).

This guide draws on material from the Information Collection Protocol (ICP) for the HoNOS family of measures published by Te Pou (June 2012 version 2.1) and the glossaries for the various measures acknowledged and referenced in the guide.

Please note, the ICP information for HoNOS (pages 8-12) applies to HoNOS 65+, HoNOS-LD and HoNOS-secure.

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