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Understanding health inequities using NZ data infographic

This infographic uses analysis of recent data from the New Zealand Health Survey to better understand the physical health needs of people who experience mental health conditions.

Published | 12 April 2018

Cardiovascular disease risk and management in people who experience serious mental illness: an evidence review (2017)

People who experience serious mental illness (SMI), particularly schizophrenia, have significantly reduced life expectancy and a premature mortality rate two to three times higher than the general population.

Published | 30 June 2017

Taking our Pulse survey 2015: Summary of feedback

Results from the 2015 Equally Well survey Taking our Pulse.

Published | 12 April 2016

Equally Well framework for collaborative action

This resource outlines how the Equally Well collaborative can work together to improve the physical health of people who experience mental health/addiction issues.

Published | 19 February 2015

Equally Well model for collaborative action

A visual representation of the Equally Well programme of collaborative action.

Published | 18 February 2015

A helping hand for highest attainable health

This resource suggests ways to improve disabled people's health status.

Published | 2 February 2015