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Trauma informed approaches

Weaving together knowledge for wellbeing – trauma informed approaches, is a short resource developed by Te Rau Ora, Le Va, Werry Workforce Whāraurau and Te Pou which aims to raise awareness of what trauma is, the effects of trauma, and how to develop trauma informed approaches within our workforce and organisations.

Published | 23 September 2019

Trauma informed care literature scan

This broad literature scan about trauma informed care describes why using a trauma informed approach is important, what it involves, and how organisations can implement it.

Published | 22 May 2018

Trauma informed care resources

New Zealand and international resources and information about trauma informed care to support the development of a trauma informed care approach and services, and to support workforce wellbeing.

Published | 22 May 2018

Trauma informed care workshop resources

These resources are from two trauma workshops held in response to concerns from people around addressing trauma needs and preventing re-traumatising.

Published | 2 January 2011