Walk the walk and talk the talk: A summary of some peer support activities in IIMHL countries

Publication date: 1 November 2010

Te Pou has recently revised this 2010 report which summarises some of the services, reports, articles, websites, training and personal narratives from the seven IIMHL countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Scotland and the US.

This report has been written by Janet Peters and contains detail gathered following a call for information by IIMHL which received a significant response.

“During the past five years we have received many requests from leaders within the seven IIMHL sponsoring countries for information about current research, examples of peer support services, and experts who have designed and implemented peer support systems. We felt an obligation to try and gather more current information on peer support services,” notes IIMHL director Fran Silvestri.

Te Pou CEO Robyn Shearer says “Peer support workers share a common experience of illness or distress with the people they work with and provide support toward wellbeing. This sharing of knowledge and experience assists those receiving or needing services to focus on what works in a very practical sense – using empathy and understanding of this nature can help someone navigate their way through services and be strengths based in their recovery journey”.

Te Pou anticipates this report will be helpful for future development of peer support services.