What supports effective workforce training?

Publication date: 20 June 2014

This resource outlines essential evidence based steps and practical tips to support successful workforce training in the National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support, as well as non-NZQA training.

Effective workforce training within disability support services can help enhance service delivery and quality of life for consumers. 

To maximise workforce development investments and improve training uptake and completion, three key factors need to be considered:

  1. The content of training and delivery methods
  2. The level of motivation and confidence of trainees
  3. The supporting workforce training infrastructure.

These factors also support greater use of acquired skills and knowledge on the job.

The action steps are:

  1. Assess training needs
  2. Provide organisational support
  3. Prepare the learning climate
  4. Assess and secure training resources
  5. Build trainee motivation and confidence
  6. Training content and delivery
  7. Use technology wisely
  8. Facilitate skills use on the job
  9. Evaluate training

Promoting training uptake
The information in this resource is based on the resource Promoting training uptake and completion in home and community support services