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Mārama Real-Time Feedback switching to Power BI

An exciting new Mārama Real-Time Feedback (Mārama RTF) development begins in February 2022. A project will start to replace the current analytics engine, Yellowfin BI with Power BI.

Power BI has significant advantages in terms of speed, ease of use and extra analytics options, while also having many training resources available online. It is quick and straightforward to create meaningful reports using the drag and drop report builder interface.

From February, CBG Health Research (CBG) will work with each participating organisation to migrate them over to Power BI. This includes having their reports re-developed in the CBG-hosted Power BI portal, as well as having easy access to organisation specific datasets that will ease the writing of custom reports by organisation members.

CBG will develop comprehensive datasets for use on reports for each participating organisation. More comprehensive default reporting will be provided by CBG on the new platform, aiming to cover all key metrics that an organisation gathering feedback may be interested in. Additional question reporting will still need to be customised, however, this should be easy to implement on the platform for most organisations.

Rather than the user-group and content folder currently used in Yellowfin BI, organisations and their members will have access to three Power BI workspaces:

  • One workspace will have fixed default reports that only CBG can edit.
  • Another workspace will contain an organisation specific master dataset where designated report writers can play with no restrictions.
  • The final workspace will contain national overview reporting breaking down each organisation with NGOs remaining grouped and anonymous.

The use of Yellowfin BI will expire on 18 August 2022. CBG will ensure all participating organisations have been set up on Power BI well before Yellowfin BI expires. Existing reports will remain available on the Yellowfin BI platform until the expiry date.

We look forward to releasing this tool and enhancing your ability to interpret Mārama RTF data. CBG will be in contact to arrange the migration for your organisation.

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