A Staff Focusing Day - Communication, Professionalism, Problem Solving and Goal Setting (STEM:NZ)

Target group

This workshop is aimed at staff of agencies/organisations that provide care or support to disabled or elderly people.


The objectives of this programme are to develop or refresh a sense of team caring and focus.

Contents (customised to suit the needs of the organisation)

This programme may contain:

  • The six key skills for teams
  • Effective caring communication
  • The communication styles survey
  • A person could be upset because?
  • What is job satisfaction?
  • The Puzzle of contentment (group exercise)
  • Making the changes
  • Empowering yourself, your team-mates and your clients
  • Listening and attending
  • Professionalism in a caring environment (group exercise)
  • What does professionalism mean?
  • Examples of professional standards
  • Redefine your clients as customers (group exercise)
  • Goal setting: the key to motivation and problem solving

Approximate cost

$2,000.00 + GST for a full day + travel and accommodation as required


One full day (6 + hours)


  • Check with training provider for details
  • Off-site (at training provider or other premises)
  • On-site (at client premises)