Altogether Autism Workshop (PRISM Series)

All workshops are interactive and present information in ways to appeal to different people, including role-plays, videos, group exercises and discussions.  Participants are provided with a comprehensive workbook and ongoing access to tailor-made information.

Possible topics covered include:

- Introduction to autism

- Strengths based approach

- Executive Functioning and Theory of Mind

- Autism and Mental Health

- Autism friendly environments (Sensory)

- Communication

- Behaviour

- Sexualised Behaviours

- Teaching new skills

- Meltdowns

- Safety

- Autism and Stress

- Supports and services

and we can tailor training to include any other areas relevant to your organisation.

Approximate cost

From $180 - $230 + GST per person per day.


One or two days (or tailored)


  • Off-site (at training provider or other premises)
  • On-site (at client premises)

Entrance requirements

The PRISM Professional Development Series is for anyone who works with people on the autism spectrum.