Employment Support in NZ (Distance Programme)

Ten Modules available by e-mail.

A series of distance learning modules which consist of an interactive Power Point Presentation, a Workbook and an assessment assignment for each one. 
Plus e-mail support and optional Skype coaching sessions.
A certificate will be issues for each assignment completed.

It is suggested that participants undertake one module per month.


Module One: Employment Support Theories, Philosophies and Models
Module Two: Bicultural and Divercity Employment Support Practice
Module Three: Personal and Career Planning, and Applying for Jobs 
Module Four: Job Development and Job Carving
Module Five: Workplace Orientation, Training and Ongoing Employment Support  
Module Six: Marketing, Netwoking, Public Relations and Media
Module Seven: Professional Practice and Quality
Module Eight: Leadership and integrated practice 
Module Nine: Developing “Disability Confidence” in potential employers
Module Ten: Self Care for Disability Support Staff


Note: The training modules do not contain all of the information required to complete the assessments.

Participants will need to do research and further information gathering as well as providing evidence of actual work done in the workplace.

Approximate cost

$100 + GST per module - per person
$450 + GST for 5 modules per person (pre-booked)
$800 + GST for 10 modules per person (pre-booked)
Additional Skype coaching sessions @ $100 + GST per session


One Year


  • Check with training provider for details
  • Distance option (for example, e-learning)

Entrance requirements

Working in an organisation providing support for people with a disability.