Motivational fuel for care/support staff

This workshop introduces well proven self/team motivational stratigies including: The Six Key Skills and Structure of a Balanced and Positive Lifestyle.

This unique programme covers the principle skills, with strategies and information, in order for the participants to identify and make appropriate small changes to their lifestyle.

Each of the six skills are interconnected and participants will be able to identify which of them are particularly relevant, and which actions or strategies to adopt.

The six key skills are: Communication skills / Appropriate Assertiveness / Stress Management / Time Management / Problem Solving / Goal Setting. These six skills represent the “FUEL” for MOTIVATION

Approximate cost

$1,500 + GST + relevant travel and accommodation.


One day


  • Check with training provider for details
  • Off-site (at training provider or other premises)
  • On-site (at client premises)

Entrance requirements

Working in a support/care role with disability/age care/mental health clients/residents