Rachel Kapeli

Project coordinator

Having started my role within the Practice and Leadership Team in 2017, I’ve found it very enjoyable - not only because of the supportive values-based culture, but because what we do here is super inspiring and makes a really valuable difference to people’s lives!  To be part of this collective impact is intrinsically rewarding and the driving factor behind what motivates me each day.
My scope of work varies both horizontally and vertically, as I’m able to work across many different projects simultaneously.  The huge benefits of this is being able to learn from multiple leaders whom are experts in their field; and growing my knowledge of mental health and the importance of wellbeing, which I can apply both professionally and personally.  
My background is in Project Management, having gained many universally applicable skills from being in the fast-paced construction sector for a few years; I’m currently working towards a PMI PMP certification, which together with my Diploma in Applied Management, Bachelor of Business Management and awesome personality – makes me a fairly instrumental part of the team!  
My current projects include:
  • Equally Well
  • Early Intervention in Psychosis
  • Information Management
  • Let’s get real
  • Talking Therapies
  • Trauma Informed Care

Current projects