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Mental health and addiction inquiry

The Te Pou submission to the Government inquiry into mental health and addiction.

Published | 19 June 2018

HoNOS guide for trainers

This new HoNOS family of measures guide for trainers has been developed to support trainers in their delivery of training to others in their local services.

Published | 6 June 2018

ADOM report 4 - June 2018

This is the fourth ADOM report, covering the period January to December 2017.

Published | 6 June 2018

Trauma-informed care literature scan

This broad literature scan about trauma-informed care describes why using a trauma-informed approach is important, what it involves, and how organisations can implement it.

Published | 22 May 2018

Trauma-informed care resources

New Zealand and international resources and information about trauma-informed care to support the development of a trauma-informed care approach and services, and to support workforce wellbeing.

Published | 22 May 2018

Knowing the people planning

Knowing the people planning (KPP) helps services assess how well they’re meeting service user needs across ten key service features.

Published | 21 May 2018