Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 

Happy new year everyone. Te Pou offices are now open for 2021. 


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How to Manage Depression for Life with Dr Giresh Kanji

This webinar is a follow-on from Dr Kanji's presentation Depression Unmasked. Depression is like a broken arm. There is a timeline and at least five structural changes in the brain and body. The structural changes can be healed to prevent a lifetime of recurrent episodes. This webinar will take a deeper look at the role of the following to examine how we can effectively manage depression for life.

1 January 1970 - 13 February 2021

Location: Online

Dealing with Challenging Interpersonal Dynamics: Making Reception Safe and Sane within Medical Practices

Practice receptionists serve a far broader mix of people and personalities then almost any other profession. And by far, most of our community members are pleasant, cooperative, and appreciative of our services. A certain percentage, however, display behaviours which can be brought on from worry, fear, anger, denial, or anxiety – creating a difficult situation for all concerned. To successfully manage these uncomfortable and often unsafe situations, front line staff need special skills, and focused management strategies – if we are to interact with service users effectively and keep our workplace a safe for us to be and to feel good about. The workshop’s focus on real medical practice work dynamics, and its unique, hands on – what to do – training emphasis goes to the heart of addressing a topic that concerns every reception staff member.

26 January 2021

Location: Online

Virtual Facilitation

How we manage meetings has changed! Are your online meetings draining you of energy and motivation? Group meetings are a key part of how we make change and take action. But the rules have changed. You now have to navigate an offline and online world - even as priorities are shifting around you.

10 February - 23 February 2021

Location: Online

LEGO Therapy Facilitator Training

What is LEGO-Based Therapy? LEGO-Based therapy is a evidence based social skills program developed for people on the Autism Spectrum by Daniel Le-Goff and Simon Baron- Cohen. It has been successfully replicated across the world, and fits well into the New Zealand and Australian context. It is an excellent therapy model for clinicians and professionals with existing skills and knowledge in group theory, clinical reasoning and Autism.

15 February 2021

Location: Canterbury

A Solution Focused Approach To Severe Trauma & Stress Recovery

This workshop will provide participants with easy-to-learn-and-apply solution focused tools and techniques to enable victims of severe trauma and stress to get their lives back on track. Initially, importance is placed on affirming and empowering victims of trauma to regain control over symptoms. The six fields of work - triggers, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbance, ‘the lows’ and living life to the full, are examined in detail to give participants increased understanding and confidence in working with this client group in a specialised solution focused way.

22 February 2021

Location: Online


The APEX model is an evidence-based approach on how to respond effectively to those who are engaging in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI). This workshop provides delegates with an introductory 1-day to ASH 101 Alternatives to Self-Harm (ASH) is based on the APEX model, which is an approach that has been demonstrated to lead to a reduction in self-harm risk for people with emotional dysregulation. It can increase confidence in clients to maintain more effective coping strategies, as well as progressing to other therapies as needed.

26 February 2021

Location: Online

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