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Use this tool to increase your skills in using HoNOS, HoNOSCA, HoNOS65+, HoNOS-LD and HoNOS-secure by rating case studies, and seeing how your rating checks out against the consensus rating.

The steps are easy to follow and instructions will be given along the way. Click on a case study to start.

Case studies


Terry (HoNOS)

Terry is a 25 year old New Zealand pakeha man. This is his third admission to the acute inpatient unit in the last 18 months.Case study  
Mrs Chan

Mrs Chan (HoNOS65+)

Mrs Chan is a 74-year-old widow who lives alone in a two bedroom unit in Central Auckland. She grew up in Hong Kong and immigrated to New Zealand when she was twelve.Case study  

Hohepa (HoNOSCA)

Hohepa is a 13 year old boy who lives with his mother (Mere) during the week and goes to his fathers (Willy) place on the weekend. Six months ago he started his first year at the local mainstream college.Case study  

Helena (HoNOS)

Helena has a long history of mental illness and has been under the care of the local community mental health centre for six years. She has experienced several admissions to the psychiatric unit of the general hospital, the most recent being 12 months ago.Case study  

Alex (HoNOS)

Alex is a 22-year-old male who has been living alone for the past couple of years. He has a long history of schizophrenia and a complex set of delusions including a belief that he is the messiah (God) and has been crucified.Case study  

Shirley (HoNOS)

Shirley is a physically fit 37 year-old woman. She exercises regularly and usually eats well. She lives in a comfortable middle-class suburb with her husband who travels a lot with work. Her daughter lives close by. Occasionally, she is impatient with others leading to verbal, but not physical, arguments.Case study  

Sylvia (HoNOSCA)

Sylvia is a 17-year-old adolescent girl referred to the outpatient clinic due to suicide risk, depression and excessive use of alcohol.Case study  

Henry (HoNOSCA)

Henry is seven years old and was referred to the outpatient clinic due to anxiety, sleeping and concentration problems. The problems have been present over the past year. One and a quarter years ago Henry was in a serious accident. He drove a toy truck down a steep hill and collided with a pole.Case study  

John (HoNOS65+)

John is a 73-year-old man living with his wife in their family home in a rural town. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease by a geriatrician five years ago. His behaviour became more problematic in the last six months. His wife reports John often paces around the house in an agitated state in the evenings.Case study  
Mr Elroy

Mr Elroy (HoNOS65+)

Mr Elroy, a 76-year-old gentleman, has been admitted to the ward following a serious suicide attempt last week. He had taken a cocktail of tablets and attempted to cut his throat, and was found unconscious at home by a neighbour.Case study  

Dorothy (HoNOS65+)

Dorothy has been referred by her GP to see Joan the Mental Health Nurse who works at the GP centre. When Joan asks her why she has been referred Dorothy has a puzzled look on her face and says she is not sure, "but Dr Harris thought I needed to talk to you"Case study  

Hemi (HoNOSCA)

Hemi is a 16 year old Māori boy who was pulled out of the local river by the police. The constable who has been dealing with Hemi became very concerned about his bizarre behaviour so has contacted the Mental Health crisis service.Case study  

Lauren (HoNOS)

Lauren is a 40 year old woman who has been referred by her GP to her local Mental Health Service for "counselling" and help with her social situation.Case study  

Tom (HoNOS)

Tom has recently been referred by his GP to Mental Health Services following his dismissal from work. He is a 44 year old man who complains of low mood and problems with stressors.Case study  

Stevie (HoNOS-LD)

Stevie is a 26 year old male. He is the only child of parents who are very involved in his care. He has profound mental retardation and has Autism with behavioural problems.Case study  

Susie (HoNOS-LD)

Susie is a 38 year old single female with an IQ of 58. She is the youngest of three children. Her parents are alive but do not live together. She has had multiple admissions to hospital for a variety of reasons and has a diagnosis of depression and schizophrenia.Case study  


Rachel is a 23 year old woman with a borderline personality disorder who is currently being cared for in the regional forensic inpatient unit under section 24(2)(a) of Criminal Procedures Mentally Impaired Persons act 2003. She has a 10 year history of self-injurious behaviour (overdosing, cutting and excessive use of alcohol).Case study  


Stella is a 47 year old woman with a long standing history of paranoid schizophrenia and alcohol problems. She's had many admissions to psychiatric hospitals and has a complex set of delusions, including a belief that she's Mary Magdalene and has been crucified. She's known to nursing staff and usually responds well to nursing interventions and support. She's never caused significant injury, but has a history of minor assault when non-compliant with medication.Case study